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Frontal section of the fetal pig heart displaying internal anatomy


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1. Aortic arch reflected
2. Ductus arteriosus
3. Pulmonary trunk
4. Ascending aorta
5. Aorta in section
6. Pectinate muscles in the left auricle
7. Left auricle
8. Aortic semilunar valve
9. Coronary blood vessels in section
10. Bicuspid valve (mitral valve)
11. Chordae tendineae
12. Papillary muscles
13. Left ventricle
14. Purkinje fibers
15. Trabeculae carneae
16. Endocardium
17. Epicardium
18. Myocardium
19. Interventricular septum
20. Papillary muscles in right ventricle
21. Right ventricle
22. Tricuspid valve
23. Pectinate muscles in right auricle
24. Right auricle
25. Precava

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