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Plantar aspect of foot.

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1. Tuberosity of distal phalanx of greater toe

2. Distal phalanx

3. Proximal phalanx of greater toe

4. Head of first metatarsal bone

5. First metatarsal bone

6. Base of first metatarsal bone

7. Medial cuneiform bone

8. Intermediate cuneiform bone

9. Navicular bone

10. Talus

11. Sustentaculum tali

12. Calcaneal tuberosity

13. Calcaneus

14. Cuboid bone

15. Groove for tendon peroneus longus

16. Tuberosity of fifth metatarsal bone

17. Lateral cuneiform bone

18. Metatarsal bones

19. Proximal phalanges

20. Middle phalange

21. Distal phalange

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