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Lateral Aspect of Os Coxae

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1. Iliac crest

2. External lip of iliac crest

3. Anterior superior iliac spine

4. Inferior gluteal line

5. Anterior inferior iliac spine

6. Rim of acetabulum

7. Lunate surface of acetabulum

8. Acetabular fossa

9. Pecten pubis

10. Acetabular notch

11. Pubic tubercle

12. Body of pubis

13. Obturator foramen

14. Ischial tuberosity

15. Ischium

16. Lesser sciatic notch

17. Spine of Ischium

18. Greater sciatic notch

19. Posterior inferior iliac spine

20. Posterior superior iliac spine

21. Ilium

22. Anterior gluteal line

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